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Truck Box Repair: Your Solution for Reliable Service

Due to recent changes in the industry it may take up to 5 days from drop off to get your vehicle in for service.

Welcome to BFS Fleet Services, your top-notch spot for professional truck box repair services in Buffalo, New York. For more than two decades, our committed crew has been the reliable choice of the community for their truck box repair concerns. Through our steadfast dedication to excellence and unshakeable commitment to quality, we’ve become a trusted partner for businesses in Buffalo and surrounding areas.


Having decades of knowledge at our disposal, we have rendered high-quality truck box repair services, ensuring uninterrupted business operations; our persistent presence within the community reflects on the trust and contentment that customers have found in us. We acknowledge how crucial your commercial fleet is to the success of your business and our commitment is to exceed all your needs.


Our mission is clear: Ensuring that your commercial fleet sustains optimal condition is essential to cutting down on downtime & increasing the effectiveness of your business. Choosing BFS Fleet Service means choosing a companion that has garnered the respect & allegiance of the community for years. Become part of the numerous businesses that have trusted our expertise in truck box repair to meet their needs & see how our commitment and broad knowledge of your requirements can impact your fleet.

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Our Pledge to High Standards and Your Business

Our credibility built on high standards and reliable outcomes is what sets us apart from the rest. Our pride lies in our consistent results, delivering trucks to our clients in the best state possible. Thanks to our dedication to sustained pricing & high-quality results, we’ve built confidence with our clientele over time.


We’ve continued to build trust within the local society through outstanding truck box repair work. Our standing has been established over twenty-five years & our local community puts their absolute trust in us.

Maximize Your Fleet's Potential with Expert Truck Box Repair

At BFS Fleet Services, we don’t just meet industry standards, we exceed them.  Our ASE accreditation stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our ASE-certified professionals approach each truck roof repair with meticulous care & precision.


When it comes to box truck repairs, we leave no room for compromise on its repair quality. Our seasoned technicians ensure that every repair service results in a box truck that’s not just road-ready but optimized for peak performance & our accreditation isn’t just a recognition of our skills; it’s a reflection of our tireless dedication to continuous improvement and professionalism, cultivated over years of exceptional service & automotive expertise.


We understand the pivotal role your truck box plays in your business operations. That’s why, at BFS Fleet Services, our tailored truck box repair solutions keep your fleet at its best. Whether you’re dealing with minor wear & tear or more extensive damage, our skilled technicians are here to provide solutions & guidance that ensure your business keeps rolling forward in Buffalo, NY.

Truck Box Repair: Comprehensive Support Owners

At BFS Fleet Services, our unwavering commitment to excellence goes far beyond mere box truck repairs. We’re dedicated to providing holistic solutions that empower business owners to thrive. Our extensive array of services is custom-tailored to suit your specific requirements & we offer expertise in areas such as door repair, aluminum tread plate overlay, tie-down systems & roll-up doors.


Think of us as the architects of your success, designing solutions that fortify your business. We don’t merely fix your box trucks; we partner with you on your journey to prosperity & our services are the pillars that support your fleet & ensure the safe and prosperous voyage of your business. When you choose us, we will thoroughly examine & perform proper repairs that will ensure your truck box is reliable.

Our Premier Truck Box Repair Facility in Buffalo, NY

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The heart of our operations is efficiency, we value your time, and it’s at the core of every repair that we do. Equipped with top-notch resources, our authorized facility forms the bedrock of our remarkable achievements. With efficiency in mind when working with fleets, we tailor our operations so they promptly resume driving once fixes & maintenance have been performed.


It goes beyond being committed; timeliness is our pledge to you. Timing is everything when it comes to reliable truck box repair work from us. Lost opportunities and income are things we want to prevent during moments of downtime.


Ensuring the integrity of your commercial fleet requires us to prioritize the importance of the truck’s condition. Our proven track record of accomplishment at BFS Fleet Service speaks volumes about our proficiency and expertise. Standing by with you through any weather or situational challenges, here at BFS Fleet, we ensure prompt repairs and replacements. Trust us as your go-to partner for speedy and dependable truck box fixes in the Buffalo, NY area.

Buffalo's Top Choice for Truck Box Repair – Contact Us for Quick Service

When it comes to truck box repair & maintenance, BFS Fleet Services is your trusted partner. We provide top-notch services to keep your fleet in optimal condition & our commitment to quality is second to none. Don’t let box truck issues slow down your business by contacting us today for all your box truck repair needs. Our dedicated team is ready to serve you & ensure your commercial fleet operates at its best. Call us at (716) 894-5799 to schedule your appointment or visit our online website.