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Medium Duty Cranes

Fassi Medium-Duty Knuckle Boom Cranes:

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medium duty cranes

From 13 t/m upwards Fassi Cranes offers medium capacity knuckle boom cranes, which provide performance but are also extremely dynamic. Suitable to be fitted on two- and three-axle trucks in a variety of setups.

The technological fittings that are included with Fassi Cranes feature the most innovative electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. Additionally our cranes are fitted with state-of-the-art devices that excel in performance and safety.

To these are added the availability of the Prolink function and a full array of additional accessories and devices.

Range that includes all cranes with lifting capacity from 13,05 tm and goes as high as to 34,15 tm.

All models feature a version with short secondary jib and version with remote control (standard equipment on cranes with lifting capacity of 28.35 tm on up). Version with bearing foundation available for continuous rotation models.