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Commercial Truck Repair Services: Boost Your Fleet's Success

Due to recent changes in the industry it may take up to 5 days from drop off to get your vehicle in for service.
When it comes to commercial truck repair in Buffalo, NY, we understand the critical role these vehicles play in the lifeblood of your business. At BFS Fleet Service, we’re your one-stop solution for all things related to truck repair, maintenance, and more.

BFS Fleet Service: Your Partner in Efficient Truck Solutions

At BFS Fleet Service, our reach goes far beyond Buffalo, NY; we extend our services to encompass neighboring areas within a 50-mile radius. Our mission is unwavering: to offer punctual, dependable, & highly efficient services to a broad spectrum of customers. We wholeheartedly appreciate the indispensable role played by truck drivers in ensuring the seamless operation of our economy & we are dedicated to swiftly getting them back on the road when their vehicles encounter issues.
Big rig powerful professional industrial blue bonnet semi truck for long haul delivery commercial cargo going with refrigerator semi trailer on the summer road with forest and meadows on the sides

What truly distinguishes BFS Fleet Service is our innovative approach to towing & mobile truck repair services. We understand that time equates to money, and towing can often be both a costly & time-draining endeavor. This is precisely why we bring the entire repair facility to your doorstep. Our mobile truck repair services are outfitted with the essential tools & a wealth of expertise to carry out on-site repairs with efficiency. This not only translates to significant time savings but also serves to cut downtime, ensuring that your fleet of commercial trucks remains in peak condition & operates at maximum efficiency.


Choose BFS Fleet Service for a partner that understands your needs, values your time, and is dedicated to keeping your business on the road. We’re your solution for efficient truck services.

Get Your Fleet Road-Ready with Our 20+ Years of Expertise

Our range of services goes beyond truck service & it includes ensuring your fleet is always ready to hit the road quickly. We’ve been serving Buffalo, NY, with this reliability for over 20 years and have gained priceless insights into the unique needs of businesses in this location.

Choose BFS Fleet Service for Pristine Fleet Performance

Whether it’s semi-truck maintenance or heavy-duty tire repairs, we’ve got every aspect covered. Our proficient mechanics are fully prepared to address all your vehicle requirements, ensuring your trucks remain in pristine condition.


Opting for BFS Fleet Service is more than just choosing a service provider. It’s forging a partnership with a team deeply committed to your business’s prosperity. We comprehend the nuances of fleet maintenance and the critical role of minimizing downtime to keep your operations running smoothly.

The Preferred Choice for Buffalo, NY Companies: Your Top Truck Repair Solution

When it comes to truck repair in Buffalo, NY, BFS Fleet Service stands out among the top repair companies near Buffalo because our commitment to quality & reliability ensures that your truck receives the best possible truck repair and maintenance services. We understand that every minute counts in the world of commercial trucking, which is why we offer flexible hours & a convenient site for your truck repair needs.

Your Informed Choice: Pressure-Free Guidance for Vehicle Decisions

Our core mission revolves around equipping you with the necessary insights to facilitate optimal decision-making skills for your vehicle. We consistently refrain from employing any form of high-pressure persuasion tactics & instead opt to ensure that you are armed & equipped with the complete set of facts required to make decisions that are in sync with your financial considerations & the specific requirements of your vehicle.

BFS Fleet Service Warranty: Unmatched Assurance for Commercial Truck Repair

At BFS Fleet Service, your satisfaction with truck service takes center stage because we fully grasp the paramount significance of trust when it comes to the caliber of our services. That’s why we take great pride in presenting a comprehensive warranty & satisfaction guarantee that envelops all our commercial truck repair services. This guarantee is a tangible manifestation of our steadfast dedication to delivering repairs that not only align with but consistently outperform industry benchmarks.


When you opt for BFS Fleet Service, you’re aligning with a partner entirely devoted to your fleets. Our primary objective revolves around endowing you with the highest level of certainty that your commercial truck repairs are committed to excellence & endurance. Be assured that our solutions are tailored to withstand the unforgiving trials of the road while preserving the prime condition of your fleet & bolstering the continued prosperity of your enterprise.

Trusted Expertise: Certified ASE Technicians

Our Certified ASE Technicians are highly experienced and have all the knowledge to help you with your commercial truck repair. Whether grappling with engine issues, tires in dire need of care, or intricate repairs, our specialists adhere to industry standards, assuring that your trucks remain under the diligent care of experts.

AAA Certified Excellence: Your Choice for Quality Repairs

Our AAA certification stands as a definitive testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding the utmost standards of excellence & unwavering reliability. When you make the decision to entrust us with your valuable trucks, you are selecting a team that not only consistently surpasses the most demanding precision benchmarks but also takes immense pride in our unwavering commitment to rigorous standards because our ultimate objective is to guarantee that your encounter is nothing short of exemplary service.

Economical Solutions for Your Fleet's Needs: Cost-Effective Pricing and cbCharge Credit Option

We fully grasp the intricate financial challenges that come with fleet management & this is precisely why we provide cost-effective pricing & flexible financial solutions. Our pricing structures are crafted to encompass a wide spectrum of services. Additionally, we proudly present the exclusive cbCharge credit option that can grant you access to 30-day payment terms without concerns about interest and late fees because maintaining your truck’s equipment is pivotal for its peak performance, and our proficient team is well-versed in addressing all varieties of equipment & tire-related concerns.

Unparalleled Service Capabilities: Streamline Your Fleet with BFS Fleet Services in Buffalo, NY

Bid farewell to the intricacies of overseeing your vehicle fleet. Our team of specialists is here to assume control, presenting you with all-encompassing fleet maintenance solutions that streamline your operations. When you have BFS Fleet Services on your side, you can have full confidence that your fleet will consistently perform at its peak potential.


In Buffalo, New York, our cutting-edge facility proudly showcases an impressive array of equipment with 17 lifts & 36 bays. This translates to our unwavering capability to service any vehicle within your fleet, precisely when you need it. Rely on us for a convenient and dependable fleet management experience that guarantees your vehicles are always prepared for the road.


With BFS Fleet Services, you’re not merely upkeeping a fleet; you’re fortifying the cornerstone of your business. Ensure the uninterrupted motion of your fleet with the expertise and support you rightly deserve.

Certified Excellence You Can Trust: Your Dependable Ally for Commercial Vehicle Care

At the core of our proficiency lies our team of automotive repair professionals. Our certified team, specialized in both light and heavy-duty vehicles, proudly bears prestigious certifications from ASE and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Automotive Technical Training Program. Furthermore, our extensively trained mechanics excel in DOT/FMCSA, Hi-Rail, and crane inspections, guaranteeing that your commercial trucks are entrusted to the most skilled hands.


When addressing your fleet’s maintenance and inspection prerequisites, we are not a mere service provider; we stand as your dependable ally for the superior care that ensures you reach your destination without a hitch.

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