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Every registered vehicle in New York State must meet minimum safety standards. Registration renewal for any car that does not cut it is prohibited. The New York State requires car inspections Buffalo NY to ensure all vehicles on the road pass safety standards. The procedure dramatically reduces on-road accidents due to car failure. At Bison Fleet Specialists, we guarantee your vehicle is up to spec. We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle and let you know what needs fixing and how much it all costs. In this article, we’ll talk about car inspections and why they matter.

What are car inspections, and what are they for?


The state requires car inspections Buffalo NY for all vehicles. By law, all vehicles must undergo an annual review to ensure your vehicle is safe for you and others on the road. A typical car inspection covers all bases, and strict standards apply. The examination must be before the current inspection sticker expires. The main point of going through a review is to save lives. More than three hundred thousand accidents are recorded annually in New York State. The number of traffic collisions can drop dramatically through defensive driving and vehicle inspections.


Each state requires seatbelts for all vehicles, which technicians first look for during car inspections Buffalo NY. However, the placement and number of seatbelts will depend on the vehicle’s model year. Millions of drivers can attest to the efficacy and safety provided by seatbelts. The state strictly requires everyone to buckle up before hitting the road.


The brakes, suspension, steering, chassis, and wheels undergo rigorous tests for condition and performance. All indicated components are integral to a vehicle’s performance and safety. That’s why inspectors do their best to spot even the slightest errors during car inspections Buffalo NY. A faulty brake system, for instance, can cause a collision. The same goes for the entire steering system. Inspectors also focus on the tires for optimal performance. The tread depth, tire condition, and pressure must fall within the specified guidelines.


All vehicles must also have working lights. In addition, headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, signal lights, hazard lights, license plate lights, and more also undergo inspection. Replacing burnt, broken, or missing bulbs and lenses are required to pass car inspections in Buffalo NY. The windshield and other glass components also need to be in good shape. No cracks 11 inches or longer are allowed. The windshield wipers, horns, mirrors, and fuel lines also undergo several inspections. Each component must be in working order to pass. 

Who can perform a vehicle safety inspection?


While there are auto repair shops in Buffalo, NY, not all are licensed to perform car inspections. Only reports from licensed inspection stations are honored by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This requirement means you should only have car inspections Buffalo NY done at a licensed auto shop. Our mechanics at Bison Fleet Specialists are licensed and certified to inspect all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We provide a detailed inspection report before making any repairs. We ensure transparency in all steps of the inspection process.

While DIY repair is an option, we don’t recommend it. For one, you don’t get consistent results. Second, there’s no assurance that repairs will go according to plan. Third, you might spend hundreds of dollars on DIY repairs only to fail during your next inspection. It will be in the best interest of any car owner to ensure everything goes well during an inspection. Not only is it for safety, but it is also for convenience.

How often is a car inspection needed?


Car inspections Buffalo NY are needed once a year as a prerequisite for vehicle renewal. However, you should still visit an auto repair shop if you spot any irregularities with your vehicle. It is essential to keep your car in top shape at all times. Delaying maintenance and repairs can end up in a heftier bill. That’s why you should not wait for the annual inspection schedule to get your car checked. However, if your vehicle begins to underperform, don’t wait too long before seeing a mechanic near you.



The DMV aims to keep everyone on the road safe. That’s why the New York State vehicle safety inspection program is in place. All vehicles must remain road-worthy throughout the year, and car inspections Buffalo NY allow for that to happen. In addition, vehicles must undergo detailed reviews at licensed auto repair shops across the state. Bison Fleet Specialists is one of many licensed inspection centers, but of the few that can do it best.


Come and visit Bison Fleet Specialists today for all of your automotive needs. We provide auto repair and maintenance services for cars, pickup trucks, RVs, SUVs, and fleet trucks. Visit our website today and schedule an appointment.

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