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If you’ve been a truck owner or operator for many years, you know how fluid leaks on your hydraulic system can get you in big trouble. But you don’t have to worry because Bison Fleet Specialists got your back.


When it comes to ensuring optimal performance levels of your trucks, trusting the right professionals with extensive knowledge in fleet vehicles. And that’s what the fleet technicians at Bison Fleet Specialists bring to the table.


Before discussing our offers, we figure you might want to know the causes of fluid leaks on your hydraulic system and how this can affect the fleet’s performance. Just keep reading to learn more.

Causes of Fluid Leaks On Your Truck

Actually, various factors cause fluid leakage in the hydraulic system. But let’s focus on what fleet owners mostly tend to overlook. The first one is the age of the fleet vehicle.


Suppose you’ve been driving your truck for years. In that case, the hydraulic system will also age, and its components are likely prone to wear and tear, such as seals, hoses, pumps, and valves. As these hydraulic system parts continue to wear, they deteriorate over time, leading to fluid leaks.


Another cause of the leakage is contamination. Although this is common, some truck owners still take this one lightly without considering how this one can bring the worst out of your fleet vehicle.


Yes, hydraulic fluids can also become contaminated with dirt, dust, or other debris. While contaminants are typical to build up, this can cause blockages or damage to components if you leave them trapped inside. As the pollutants continue to cling to the pumps or hoses for a long time, it can cause the parts to corrode, which leads the fluid to leak from the hydraulic system.


And last but not least, overheating. You may not know this, but hydraulic fluids also overheat. Heavy-duty vehicles like cranes or excavators often work long hours during the hot summer months and are susceptible to this problem.


If you’re operating on the field in an extreme weather temperature, the lubricants and fluids on the hydraulic system lose viscosity which could lead to oxidation and make lubricants less efficient at dealing with contaminants. As a result, the hose and other components become brittle, which causes fluid leakage.


All of these can affect the overall performance of your truck. Everything follows when your hydraulic system fails due to the causes mentioned above. It can reduce the performance of other significant systems, such as the brake, power steering, and engine system.


Ultimately, it can affect the fuel efficiency of your fleet vehicle. Without regular maintenance, these things are much more likely to occur frequently, leading to more costly repairs and possibly even the replacement of major components. This can compromise your business operations.


So, don’t wait for the worst to happen, and bring your vehicle straight to Bison Fleet Specialists, where you can get the best maintenance services for fleet vehicles in Buffalo, NY.

How Our Fleet Specialists Can Help


As cliche as it may come, we always believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


That’s why at Bison Fleet Specialists, we provide comprehensive hydraulic system maintenance services in Buffalo for all fleet vehicles, from light-duty pickups to heavy-duty trucks. Our preventive maintenance routine starts with regular inspection. Our fleet specialists will inspect each component in the hydraulic system to identify signs of wear and tear. This includes the reservoir, valves, electric drive motor, and other significant parts.


We perform replacements of the hydraulic fluid and filter as needed to prevent contamination and ensure the fluid is fresh to lubricate and operate the system. Apart from the fluid and filter, we also offer replacements of other worn or damaged components, like hoses, valves, pumps, and many more, to avoid corrosion and fluid leaks.


At Bison Fleet Specialists, we also provide complementary services for the hydraulic system, such as installments and repairs. When you keep up with our fleet preventive maintenance services, you can guarantee that we will provide detailed reports on our findings during your visit. This way,  you know what needs servicing now and what might need repairing in the future.

Key Takeaway


When it comes to keeping your truck running smoothly, remember the essence of maintaining its hydraulics systems. At Bison Fleet Specialists, we understand the significance of keeping your fleet vehicle in shape for your business. By performing regular preventive maintenance, we can identify and address potential issues before they become costly and dangerous problems.


In addition to preventing costly repairs, keeping up with our fleet maintenance services helps ensure that your truck’s hydraulics are running efficiently and effectively. This reduces wear and tear on the parts involved in operating its hydraulics, enhancing the overall performance of the fleet vehicle.


Learn more about our services by visiting our website. You can also call us at  (716) 894-5799. Please schedule an appointment today at Bison Fleet Specialists to experience superior care from our accommodating staff.

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